History and initiations

Although grief stricken, the parents of Mathiwos and founding members made a vow to continue to support other families with children diagnosed with cancer in an effort to spare them from hopelessness a parent feels when he or she is not able to help or save their child.


The Mathiwos Wondu-YeEthiopia Cancer Society (MWECS) was established at the first General Assembly meeting of the founding members held on April 17, 2004. The Society secured its legal personality through a certificate of registration bearing the number 1382.MWECS is non-governmental and non-profit making organization that is dedicated to the national control of cancer and aspires to support all cancer patients in Ethiopia.

MWECS is actively working in so many cancer and non communicable diseases-related activities, particularly in raising public awareness of cancer, its prevention and treatment possibilities. In addition, the society has been ardently working to improve treatment conditions and support cancer patients.

The Society began its quest by focusing its initial efforts on pediatric cancer and has been implementing cancer impact mitigation project since 2010.So far, the society supported more than 120 pediatric cancer patients and at the present supports 50 pediatric patients. The society covers cost of medicines and diagnostic laboratory services not provided by the Black Lion Hospital, transport from and to their regions and food support while the patients are under treatment at the hospital.

As of recently, the society started working on women cancers as one of its main focus area and towards these ends, started working with the Federal Ministry of Health, government and non government organizations and invites others to join forces to challenge the growing burden of women cancers which account for more than 50% of all cancer mortality and morbidity in Ethiopia.

MWECS has been implementing anti-tobacco campaign in ten selected schools and planning to expand the same to universities. As of 2012,has been implementing “Meet the Targets” project intended to encourage the timely implementation of Political Declaration on non-communicable diseases passed by United Nations Head of States in 2011.